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McAlpin Industries Quality Assurance Programs

ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949 quality registrations are proof that our quality systems work!

A high degree of manufacturing and quality engineering minimizes the need for quality technicians; quality is built into the manufacturing process. Operators are trained in SPC (Statistical Process Control) and most processes are failsafed to guarantee quality.

Our quality policy mandates that Manufacturing Process Control Documents (MPCD's) and quality plans accompany every operation within every work order.

All flat blanks are verified via our LaserQC electronic scanning system. Blank contour and features are checked and verified against CAD files.

Complex press operations are monitored using our Cordax Automatic CMM. Once programmed, Critical-To-Function dimensions are checked automatically and tracked statistically.

Quality Systems

  • Cordax Discovery Series computer controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), and
  • LaserQC, the latest and greatest laser measuring system.

All of this equipment is capable of charting statistics that are used to monitor the manufacturing process.

Just-In-Time Deliveries We realize that any delay to a just-in-time schedule is a critical delay. As a supplier, we have successfully implemented one of the most ambitious quality improvement programs in the industry to ensure that your production schedules are met. Our ERP system affords flexible scheduling options and instant real-time order status. Benchmark inventory record accuracy ensures the highest level of confidence in the integrity of our information system.

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