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Steel Evaporative Canister Bracket Assembly for the Automotive Industry

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Steel Evaporative Canister Bracket Assembly for the Automotive Industry
Steel Evaporative Canister Bracket Assembly for the Automotive Industry
  With capabilities including deep draw stamping and sheet metal fabrication, McAlpin manufactured this steel canister bracket assembly, used in an automotive HVAC application. Working with M35011 sheet steel, we fabricated the initial, rough form of the piece, with the deep draw stamping process resulting in final part measurements of 321.8 mm long and 195.7 mm wide. An assembly step was also required, so we welded a number of stud attachments to the bracket for mounting purposes.

In addition, we made use of our wide-ranging finishing services, first applying a phosphate coating to the assembled bracket, then using cathodic electrodepositioning to apply a thin outer coating of .015 mm - .020mm. Per client instruction, we carried out salt spray testing, which was successful, due to the strength and resistance of the applied finishes. Maintaining a dimensional tolerance of ±.15 mm, we exceeded client expectations in delivering this superior part.

Project Highlights

Product Description This steel bracket assembly is used within an Air Conditioning application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Deep Draw Stamping
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Arc Welding
  • Weld Studs to Bracket
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 321.8mm
Width: 195.7mm
Tightest Tolerances ±.15mm
Flatness of .5mm
True Position of ©ª1.0mm
Profile of .5mm
Material Used M35011 Sheet Steel
Finish Phosphate Coating
  • Micro-Crystalline Zinc Pretreatment
Followed by Cathodic Electrodeposition Coating
  • .015mm-.020mm Thick
Testing/Inspection performed Salt spray
  • 336 Hour Exposure
Industry for Use Automotive
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
AWS A5.18
SAE1022, 10B18
Product Name Evaporative Canister Bracket Assembly