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Value Added Services

Metal Finishing
Monroe Plating is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McAlpin Industries, offering world class zinc and electroless nickel plating services. Four fully automated, computer-controlled finishing lines provide both rack and barrel zinc and electroless nickel finishes in an environmentally friendly 39,000 square foot facility.

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   Electroless Nickel Plating
Whether it is Mig, Tig, Spot, Seam or Projection Welding, we can recommend the MetalWorking Welding Solution that best meets your requirements.
One of our skilled, AWS certified welders can assist you with the appropriate manual or robotic welding operation for your application. Failsafe weld fixtures guarantee that components are not missed and are not mislocated.
   Robotic Welding
In 1964, Frank McAlpin founded McAlpin Industries as a tool and die company. Today, all tooling continues to be designed and built in-house, from simple compound dies, to complex progressive dies, robotic transfer systems, and even welding, inspection, and failsafe assembly fixtures.
Early involvement with product design enables us to define the appropriate type of tooling for any product. Factors we consider include annual volume, lead-time, product life cycle, part complexity, and tooling budget. By analyzing customer requirements, our engineering and design staff offers an optimal tooling option. Customers are then able to view and understand the trade-offs between tooling options, and make an educated tooling decision.
The latest in Wire EDM equipment is available for in-house support as well as for contract tooling. As we move ahead with the application of solid modeling design software, we will continue to improve our state-of-the-art approach to tool design.
Direct Fulfillment
McAlpin Industries offers direct fulfillment solutions. Let our highly skilled team manage your project, from manufacturing to testing and packaging, delivered straight to your customer on time. It’s a Turnkey solution.