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McAlpin Industries Continues Investing in Fiber Laser Technology
Fiber Laser Automation MachineAs technology advances, McAlpin Industries continues to explore new ways to produce parts more productively and efficiently. With high-powered fiber laser combined with automation equipment offering rapid cutting rates and reduced cycle times, we can reduce costs and thus offer better pricing for our customers.

Our latest 4 kW Flying Optics Fiber Laser utilizes a fiber beam delivery system, which significantly lowers overall operating costs compared to other cutting methods. Modern fiber laser machines like this one allow us the flexibility to fine-tune various laser beam and nozzle settings to match the cutting requirements of a specific material and thickness.

Another added benefit to using fiber laser machines is less maintenance. A maintenance technician would previously have needed to monitor gas resonators and mirrors, but now only needs to maintain cleanliness of the machine, chiller, and dust collector. Simple maintenance procedures such as cleaning the glass, verifying the beams are centered (using a tape shot, spark shot on a sacrificial plate, or acrylic puck) and checking the tabs, allows us to continue running productively. Although these modern machines require less maintenance than their older counterparts, preventative-maintenance is key to ensuring a productive and reliable machine.

Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber Laser Machine
To learn more on our fiber laser offerings, contact one of our Technical Sales Engineers at 585-266-3060.

Mazak 4 Fiber Laser Machine
Author: Hank White
Date Published: 10/29/2018
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