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What is a Quality Certificate and Why Are They Important?

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As ISO certification becomes increasingly more important to the manufacturing industry, every manufacturer should consider getting it.

Quality certifications vary from industry to industry and can be a key step for manufacturing companies to secure future customer contracts. By having an ISO (International Organization for Standardizations) system in place, manufacturers gain several long-term benefits such as:

  • Overall improvement to business processes throughout the facility
  • Reduced scrap, rework, and costs
  • Improved consistency and company culture
    • By having a quality system in place, a manufacturer can reliably provide a quality product to their customers. Using objectives and metrics, employees are engaged throughout the entire production process to ensure a final quality product is shipped to the customer.
  • Increased marketability and international recognition
    • After a company has received ISO 9001 Certification, they are now able to market this certification as proof of a solid quality management system being in place. This allows potential buyers to see exactly which manufacturers have been vetted for quality excellence.

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To successfully roll out a new quality program, it is important to have senior management actively involved in the certification process. An entire team initiative from production managers to floor associates is crucial to successfully obtain and maintain an ISO 9001 Certification.

At McAlpin Industries, our team of associates demonstrates a commitment to excellence by steadily improving all aspects of our company. Our attention to detail allows us to continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Explore more of our customer passion through quality management here:


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