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Larger Part Manufacturing Capabilities Now Available at McAlpin Industries
Over the last few months, installation of our advanced ABB Robotics B-750 FlexArc Weld Cell and ABB IRB 2600ID Robot have taken place at our facility. The new robot and synchronous positioner move together for better welds on complicated welding jobs with a maximum weldment size 39.7” high by 57” diameter.
Using an accompanying synchronous positioner with the MIG robot, we can handle more challenging welds on large parts weighing up to 1,650 lbs. Offline programming capabilities also allow us to increase our overall efficiency and productivity, which in return leads to lower production costs for our customers.
large manufacturing machine

Additional benefits and features of our latest robotic weld cell include:

  • ABB Robotics B-750 Flex Arc Weld Cell for large part MIG welding
  • ABB IRB 2600ID Robot with 6 ½’ reach
  • Maximum weldment size 39.7” high by 57” diameter
  • Synchronous positioner for complicated welding jobs
  • Robot and Positioner move together for better welds
  • Can handle a maximum weight of 1650 lbs. on each side
  • Offline programming for faster startups
  • Automatic production monitoring
In conjunction with our latest robotic weld cell, we now offer large part machining with our new Hyundai Wia KH-1000 machining center. Are you looking to cut costs on your next large part project? Click here to submit an RFQ today!
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