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Benefits to Using an Automated Deburr Machine
An automated deburr machine is an essential piece of equipment where the operator feeds machined parts one at time into the wide-belt abrasive apparatus. The metal part is then ground and smoothed within seconds for a burr-free finish. A material handler removes the burr-free piece, and it is now ready for any remaining manufacturing operations.
Automatic Wet Deburr Machine

What causes a burr in the first place?

Burrs are small imperfections that are very common among most manufacturing operations. These imperfections can occur under any previous production operation such as:

  • Stamping
  • Forming
  • Laser cutting
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Engraving
  • Fineblanking 

With the right equipment, burrs can be relatively easy to remove and may be necessary depending on the application of the finished part. By removing burrs, you are able to create a clean-looking and safe part.
Before and After photo of Timesaver Wet Deburring and Graining System

Benefits to Automatically Deburring

There are plenty of benefits to using an automatic deburring machine with overall efficiency being the most important. Without an automatic deburr machine, deburring parts would be manually done by an operator, which is labor intensive and time-consuming. Some of the major benefits to automatically deburring include:


  • By running parts through the automatic machine, the operator can double, or even triple output compared to manually deburring each piece. This increase in efficiency allows for valuable resources and personnel to be shifted to other areas of the facility.
  • Capable of running all types of metals (Carbon Steels, Stainless, Aluminum, etc.)


  • With the ability to place the parts in the machine and the machine performing the deburring and graining, the operator is kept safe by not interacting with any of the moving parts. If an operator were to place their hand in the machine, an automatic shut-off switch would be enabled.
  • A wet machine is a safer version of the automatic deburr equipment in which a wet sander is used to minimize metal dust (fire hazard) compared to a dry machine. The wet system uses water and lubricant/rust inhibitor to allow for higher quality finishes in less steps.

Quality & Consistency

  • To reduce the risk of part rejection, an automatic wet deburr machine is used to produce consistent and clean parts. The work piece is kept cool during the process and allows the part to maintain dimensions (no part warping).
  • Finished parts exit the system relatively dry and clean (minimized metal dust that can cause issues later in the manufacturing process)

Before and after photo of Timesaver Wet Deburring and Graining System belt driven 36" wide capacity
Investing in new equipment, such as an automatic wet deburr and graining system, makes sense from an efficient, safe, & economic standpoint. Having this machinery is essential for every modern-day metal fab shop as it is difficult to ignore the overall benefits of using one. Associates can increase efficiency in a safer and more consistent way and the customer is happy with a consistent and clean part.

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